Best and Magical Health, Skin, Hair Beauty Tips For Girl, To Be Bridal

A wedding is the most special day for every bride-to-be’s and it’s a dream for every bride to look the best on her D-day. But for this taking care of your skin & body is very important.

And to start one or two months before your wedding is the right time. Doing daily skincare rituals will help you get the inner glow & you will look at the most beautiful bride ever.

Here are some tips which you can follow:

For Health :

  • Drink a lot of water daily. You should drink at least 11-12 glass of water.
drink water
  • Take one glass luke-warm water, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to it and drink this water before taking brush in the morning.
  • This will cleanse your skin and maintain the glow of the skin.
  • And also it will help to reduce the belly fat area if you have. This will also help to control body weight.
  • Avoid junk food. Take plenty amount of vegetables and fresh juice of an orange, sweet lemon.
  • Go early to bed. Take daily at least 8 hours of sleep, this will give you a natural glow.
  • Avoid to take any type of stress, listen to your favorite music and do meditation for at least 15 minutes. This will increase the blood circulation of the body.
  • Do the above tips and you will get natural glow will come out.

For Skin :

  • Mix 2 teaspoon of chickpea flour, 1 teaspoon coconut oil and 5 – 6 drops of rosewater, make a paste and apply on the face and neck area and let it dry completely.
  • When the face pack became dry, then rub the face pack with hand and remove that without water. Don’t use water and leave it for some time. You can apply twice a week.

Mask to Improve Complexion:

  • Take one teaspoon of Bengal gram, one teaspoon of curd, one pinch of turmeric powder, one pinch of salt. Mix all ingredients and apply on the face. When it dries, rinse with luke-warm water. Rinsing with lukewarm is necessary otherwise turmeric powder will leave yellowness on the face.

For Radiant and Glowing skin:

  • 1 teaspoon Sandalwood powder + Rosewater make a paste. Apply the paste over the face and neck. Wash off after dry.
  • Drink Coconut water daily.
  • Apply sunscreen daily before going out from home.
  • Before going to bed add few drops of water in one teaspoon of pure almond oil and apply it on the face and neck area.
  • Wash your face twice in a day with neem facewash.
  • Take steam 3 times in a week, mix lemon juice in hot water and take steam. This method will reduce acne and its marks too.
  • Take one teaspoon of Multani mitti and 2 teaspoons of rose water, mix both ingredients, apply the face pack on the face, this will clean your face.
  • Before applying any face pack, wash your face pack with water.
  • Don’t try any new skin product, hair care, and makeup product. Because the new product can react badly with your skin, hair, which you definitely don’t want.
  • Apply 1 teaspoon of tomato juice or Cut a medium-size tomato into 2 parts and apply it directly to your face and/or your hands, the inner side on your skin, squeeze it a little to get the juice out.
  • Leave it for 15 min. There might be a slight tingly sensation but that is just the tomato juice working its magic. Wash it off with water. This will work good on the dull skin and gives brightening to the face and also removes tanning from the skin.
  • Eat food rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C.  This will bring a natural glow to your skin.
  • Exfoliate your face & body twice a week.
body massage
  • For this take half cup of rice water and add few drops of lemon juice, add two teaspoon honey, if honey doesn’t suit your body and skin then avoid honey and add rosewater, apply this pack on the body and face, rub in a circular motion all over the body and rinse after 10 minutes.
  • This will exfoliate your face and body and will remove dead cells.

For Hair :

skin care
  • Apply coconut oil to your hair and massage on the scalp with fingertips.
  • Eat protein-rich food for hair growth, Take at least 1 bowl of lentils daily.
  • Take 2 teaspoons of henna leaves, 2 teaspoons of neem leaves, 2 teaspoons of curry leaves, 2 teaspoon amla, 2 teaspoons of bhringaraj.
  • Put all the ingredients in the oil.
  • Heat the oil for 15 minutes on medium flame. Filter oil with a tea strainer.
  • Apply this oil daily on the hair. This will increase the darkness of mixture, gives strength to the hair and also improves the texture of hair.
  • Do scalp massage 2 times a week to increase blood circulation.
  • It will make your hair stronger and silkier. You can use any oil like coconut oil, castor oil, gooseberry oil or almond oil.

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