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Hair Growth Powder

Most females want lengthy, dense hair. Because the hair gives the face beauty. Yes, regardless of how lengthy, dark, dense, soft hair style will never go out.

But having lengthy hair is no less than a challenge, and females also take different steps to meet this mission.

You don’t understand what, from hair care products to salons to protein processing.

But they’re only frustrated despite this. Most of the products sold on the market claim to have lengthy hair.

But the chemical product leads to loss rather than profit.

But you don’t have to worry because we brought you powder for hair development today.

You can get long and beautiful hair in a couple of days by using this.

The best thing about home remedies is they have no side effects and they’re pretty simple, too, they’re inexpensive.

So what moment is this hair development powder to learn with us and how it is produced and used.

Making ingredients for hair growth  Powder :

  1. Fenugreek powder – 1/2 cup
  2. Aloe vera Powder – 1/2 cup
  3. Rosemary / Mehadi oil-a couple of drops

How to create hair growth powder and apply it :

  1. Mix fenugreek powder together with aloe vera powder in a bowl.
  2. Then grind fenugreek seeds and dry aloe vera leaves to make powder if you can’t find this powder anywhere.
  3. Then add a few drops of oil from the rosemary.
  4. You can also use lavender if you want to.
  5. Store the powder in a container that is airtight.

Using as a Hair Mask :

Make a soft paste and add it to scalp and hair by blending yogurt or aloe vera juice in a little powder.

After 1 hour, massage it and dried it.

Use as a Hair Purifier :

In a tub, combine 2 to 3 tablespoons of hair development powder, add hot water or aloe water to form a moist foundation.

Apply it now by wetting the hair and massaging it with light fingers in circular motion.

Then, by cleaning the cleanser, condition your hair.

Why fenugreek aloe-vera and henna for hair : growth?

Fenugreek’s like a hair blessing. It has characteristics that enhance hair development.

It nourishes hair follicles and unlocks them and stimulates hair development.

It also provides the hair a fresh shine, making the hair smooth and handling it well.

Fenugreek also has cleaning characteristics besides encouraging hair development, which also readily clean dandruff with scalp.

Aloe vera has characteristics that are cleaning and moisturising.

It also feeds hair follicles and improves the development of hair.

Besides this, the hair development of henna has strong characteristics.

By detoxifying and clearing the scalp, this helps to encourage development.

Your hair will become long and dense in a few days by applying this hair development powder.

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