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Home Remedy of Spleen Disease


Symptoms of Spleen Disease

The hands and feet become dry and the stomach is swollen on the vomiting side and that part becomes hard.

Remedy to Cure Spleen Disease

Rip the ghee leaf and grind it with 10 grams of fennel and hang it in the sun.

Fill the juice that comes out of it, put juice in a bottle.

 Take half a teaspoon twice a day, mix two spoons of water and take twenty days.

By making greens of Bathuay without chili seasoning, using it for 1 week will definitely benefit the spleen.

Taking black salt with radish leaves on an empty stomach will be beneficial for the spleen.

Epilepsy Therapy


Take 100 grams of akarkra or anacyclus pyrethrum, 100 grams of old vinegar honey. First, mix the arara in the vinegar.

Mix it later in the city. Eat 5 grams of medicine every morning. Epilepsy will disappear.

Take 1 gram of mixture powder with honey daily, drink milk from above. It also removes very old and severe epilepsy.

Jaundice Medicine


Symptoms of Jaundice Disease

In this, the color of the entire body turns yellow and the eyes and nails also turn yellow.

Measures to Cure Jaundice Disease

Squeeze the extract of 50 grams of the reddish leaves and mix it in 10 grams of sugar candy and drink a stale mouth.

It is a panacea for jaundice, it cures jaundice within 1 week. But turmeric and milk should not be eaten for 2 months.

As far as possible, eat raw papaya vegetables made without chili, spices and also eat ripe papaya and it will benefit in jaundice disease.

Headache Medicine


Grind the leaves of lemon and extract its juice, put it in the nose.

For those who always have a headache, this is good medicine or eat a tablet with Ceredon water, the pain will be cured.



New or old diabetes patients should not consume sweet or sugary substances.

In this disease, one must walk and walk in the morning

Measures to Cure Diabetes

Take 50 grams of java plum / jambul/ jamun, 50 grams of dry ginger, 10 grams of gudamar herb, grind them all and grind them in the juice of gwarpatha i.e. aloe vera and make tablets of 0.5 grams.

Consume tablets 3 times a day, the disease of diabetes ends quickly.

Finely grind four leaves of java plum/ jamun and make a mixture with 60 grams of water.

Then filter the mixture and drink it continuously for 10 days in the morning.

After that take it every 10 months for 10 days.

 This is the best medicine to overcome diabetes.

In the initial stage of the disease, eating 4 leaves of java plum/ jamun in the morning and in the evening after chewing will benefit in diabetes.

Put 60 grams of well-ripened java plum/ jamun in 300 grams of boiling water and cover it.

After half an hour, mash the berries well and sieve.

By drinking 3 parts of it, one quantity 3 times a day, the sugar in the urine of the patient becomes very low. By keeping the intake for some time, the patient gets well.

Consuming bitter gourd is also beneficial in diabetes.

Dry the kernels/ seeds of berries and grind them to make their powder.

Take two spoons morning with water and take it for 21 days. It will definitely benefit.

Grind 6 grams fenugreek seeds and soak them in the evening water.

Mix it well in the morning and drink it without adding sweet.

Diabetes is cured by taking this mixture for 2 months.

For Stomach-ache and Liver


Treatment of Stomach-ache

Take a pinch of turmeric, a pinch of salt, drink a sip of water from above.

The pain will be relieved by removing the stomach air.

Grind a pinch of fennel, a pinch of parsley in a little water and extract the juice.

Drinking this juice cures all types of stomach-ache.

Drink this mixture with half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water. The pain will be cured.

For Liver Heat

Eating two-hundred grams of fine and ripe berries in the season of berries will remove liver dysfunction.

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