Home Remedies to Grow/ Regrow Hair Naturally

Home Remedies to Grow Hair Naturally

Hair is an integral part of your personal beauty. The general texture, thickness, and length of your hair can make or break your appearance.

Keeping your hair free from problems like hair fall and greying is a daily struggle. You need to pay special attention to your hair if it is weak and thin.

There are so many home remedies for hair growth/regrowth. I will suggest few remedies which I have tried and got surprising results.

But these remedies will not give you instant results, you have to apply this for a minimum of two weeks then you will see the difference.

There are loads of basic hair growth tips. My focus will be on the protection of hair.

1. Nutrition :

For the good health of hair in general it is necessary to be healthy inside and out. For healthy hair eat foods high in protein-eggs, dal, chicken, fish, etc.

2. Say No to Chemicals :

Keep away from straightening, Bonding, and anything that is not natural for your hair.

3. Maintenance :

Make sure you nourish your hair.

  • Use natural deep conditioning at least once a week.
  • Curd, beer, or egg can be used on the head as deep conditioners. Keep on hair for at least 2 hrs and then wash as per regular.
  • Natural organic coconut oil with curry leaves and fenugreek seeds also work well as a conditioner. Keep on hair for at least 2 hrs and then wash as per regular shampoo.

Apart from these find 2 home remedies below which are very effective.

First :

  • Take one onion (you may take more than one).
  • Peel the onion and chop it into small pieces.
  • Extract the juice out of the onion by either squeezing it or using a juicer or blender.
  • Apply the juice to the scalp or the hair roots.

Note: If the smell is too high then add a little lemon juice or rose water.

Second :

  • Take a handful of fresh curry leaves and 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Pour the coconut oil into a pan and add the curry leaves to it. Heat the oil until you see a black residue forming around the leaves.
  • Turn off the flame and let the mixture cool down. Once the tonic is cool, strain it.
  • You can now apply it to your hair. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips while applying the oil. Concentrate most on the roots and tips of your hair.
  • Leave it on for an hour and then rinse it with shampoo.

Note: You can store this hair oil for one month.

Now We will see what we should do and what we should not on our hair to make it healthy and long.

Don’t :

  • Don’t try to comb your hair when it is wet you will break it.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair with too much heat.
  • Don’t use irons, tongs, etc they will burn your hair and cause splitting.

Do’s :

  • Make sure you always use a conditioner after shampooing your hair
  • Brush your hair like your teeth at least twice a day. This will ensure that it is detangled. When you brush your hair the natural oils from the scalp are taken to the rest of the hair and keep them naturally healthy and shiny.

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