Magic Trick for Hair Regrowth

Now a days our hair suffers most due to time constraints and pollution.
And if the water is not right, then the hair falls, then the hair also starts to become white before age.

Use a good shampoo to wash hair and water should be soft too.
Hair shampoo should be soft and mild.

In addition to good food and hair care for good hair, one should also drink plenty of water.
But sometimes even after taking all these measures, hair loss does not stop and the hair falls.

In such a situation, the best solution is in your home and in your kitchen.

And that remedy is onion juice.

You may not like the onion juice but onion has medicinal properties.
Now I will tell you why onion juice is necessary for hair to grow and become thicker.

Onion contains sulphur which prevents hair from breaking in the middle and reducing the hair, so if you use onion juice in the hair then the hair will fall less and if the hair falls less then new hair will also come out and the hair will be thick.

The onion juice nourishes the hair due to its sulphur which helps in growing new hair.

The onion juice protects the hair from whitening due to its antioxidant.
Massaging the onion juice in the hair increases the blood circulation of the head, causing hair to grow quickly.

The scalp does not have an infection due to onion juice having antibacterial properties.

Now we will see how to make onion juice at home for hair growth.

Ingredients :

  • 2 or 3 onions
  • muslin cloth

Method of making Onion Juice :

  • Take 2 to 3 onions and peel the onion.
  • Cut the onion into pieces and grind the pieces finely in a grinder.
  • Sieve the mixture with a muslin cloth to sieve a thick piece of onion.
  • Massage the hair in circular motion with this onion juice. Allow the onion juice to stay in the hair for one hour.
  • After an hour wash the hair and shampoo the hair with mild shampoo so that the onion smell goes away from the hair.
  • You apply it to your hair once a week.

You must apply this onion juice to your hair and your hair will definitely become very nice and thick.

This is a tried method for hair regrowth.

Your hair will grow so good that you won’t even recognize that it is your own hair.

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