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Magical Benefits of Honey and Onion

Advantages of Honey

  • Applying real honey in the eyes prevents black cataracts (motiyabind).
  • Mixing 50 grams of real honey in 100 grams of curd and eating it daily for one year in the morning helps in health and increase body fat.
  • Mental weakness is eliminated, freckles, acne are removed and face color is clear.
  • Mixing 2 grams of licorice, 2 grams of gooseberry in 10 grams of honey and eating in the morning and evening will reduce cough mucus.
  • Add a sufficient amount of honey to 100 grams of cold water that the water becomes like a sweet syrup. Drinking once or twice daily for two months on hot days makes the stomach lighter.

Advantages of Onion

  • Ear pain- Fry the onion in hot ash and squeeze its water into the ear, it will give instant relief in ear pain.
  • Cataract or Motiyabind – Take 10 grams onion juice, 10 grams real honey, 2 grams Bhimseni Karpur,
  • Mix all three things well. Applying it will not cause cataract.
  • Effect of tobacco – The person who is not used to eating tobacco. If they accidentally eat tobacco, then they start to panic. Drinking two teaspoons of onion juice gives them quick relief.
  • Burning of gunpowder – If any part of this body burns with gunpowder, then applying onion juice at that place is beneficial.
  • Secret article – Write on white paper with onion juice, nothing will be read. If you show this written paper on a high flame then everything will be read.

Try above remedies or desi nuskhe, and kindly give feedback in the comment section.

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