Magical Trick to Reduce Belly Area without going to Gym

Everyone, girl or boy, wants to see themselves fit.
Many remedies go to the gym for this, but it is not possible to get the results quickly, because laziness comes. The easiest and easiest way is that if we keep the digestion process right, our body will look healthy and beautiful.
There is a very limited way to reduce belly fat.
One of them is very effective and easy way now i will tell you But you have to do this method continuously for 4 to 5 months because it is very easy to do, then you will not have any problem in doing it as suggested by beautician and nutritionist Usha Ji.

Step 1

Take lukewarm water before brush.

Step 2

Ingredients :

  • 100 gram coconut oil
  • 10 gram camphor

Steps to create oil :

  • Mix coconut oil and camphor,keep this in a jar in the bathroom.
  • Take few drops of oil and apply onto naval button and message in upward direction daily.
  • Apply this mixture on face as a night cream, This will reduce black spots and dark circle of the eyes.

Step 3

Take 1 glass lukewarm water and add 2 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey and drink it. If you do not have lemon and honey then take just one glass lukewarm water.

Step 4

Try to reduce white substance in your food like salt, sugar and starch.

This is very effective and tried method if you will reduce intake amount of sugar, it will surely reduce your belly fat area within 15 days.

Step 5

Drink at-least 10 glass of water in a day. This will reduce toxins from body and also reduce belly fat area.

Step 6

Drink 1 glass of water before having lunch and dinner, this will full your stomach and will also avoid to take excess amount of food.

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