Boroline vs Boroplus

Boroline Vs Boroplus

Boroline vs Boroplus Review

Boroline and Boroplus are both antiseptic creams.

Both creams are used mostly in winter.

When there is dryness in the weather and our face needs moisture and our skin absorbs the normal creams soon. So a cream is needed that gives moisture to the skin and stays on the skin for a long time.

Both Boroline and Boroplus can be used for this.

In this page we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using Boroline and Boroplus, which cream has better property than other cream.

I will give the number for each point.

Cream Thickness :

Both Boroline and Boroplus are thick cream but Boroline is more thick cream so Boroline is more difficult to apply.

Because of this Boroline stays on the face for a long time and Boroplus is slightly less.

But there is also a disadvantage of being too thick that boroline closes the facial pores.

Due to which the exchange of air from the face stops and acne can also come out on the face.

According to this, boroplus is a good option but if your skin is dry then apply Boroline.
Apply Boroplus if you have oily skin.
And if your skin is normal then apply Boroplus.

As my skin is dry, I use Boroline.
You should definitely apply some lotion to your face.

For this, both creams will get one-one number.

Cream Fragrance :

There is no breakup of boroline in terms of the scent of cream, the scent of boroline is better than boroplus.

But you can also like the aroma of Boroplus.

For this, both creams will get one-one number.

For Torn Ankles :

Boroline is better for torn ankles, Boroline is a very good option if a minor injury occurs.

Boroline is a perfect antiseptic cream while Boroplus is more face cream less antiseptic cream.

Boroline will get a point for this.

And even if you have torn lips, apply borolin.
Boroline is also a good cream to deal with sunburn or if you have scars on the face, applying boroline can eliminate the scars and spots, but it is not necessary to have the same result for every skin type.

But neither of these two creams should be applied in the sun because it makes the face look black.

Apply both these creams on the face at night. You can also remove facial makeup with Boroline.
This will not harm your skin. Just apply the cream and wipe with cotton after a few seconds.

Boroline will get a point for this.

Boroline and Boroplus like Skin Cream :

Boroline is a pure antiseptic cream while Boroplus is also a skin cream with antiseptic but more skin cream.

Boroplus contains sandalwood, lemon, turmeric, aloe vera which is good for a skin.

Boroplus will get a point for this.

Accordingly, Boroline got 4 points and Boroplus got 2 points.

You can select the cream according to your skin type and the review given above.

By the way, this review may be different for different skin types.
If someone has sensitive skin, there may be some changes.

Before using any cream on sensitive skin, please consult the specialist

7 thoughts on “Boroline Vs Boroplus”

  1. I think boro line is better for skin.
    But I like boroplus cause boroline is alot more gum type and uncomfortable..

  2. I have been using Boroline cream for parched & cracked lips & dry skin for past 50 years. It is a fantastic cream. Boroplus is bad & all about just advertising. It is bad.

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