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Weight Gain: These 4 Home Remedies are Effective in Increasing Weight to Get Healthy and Fit Body

There are many people who are worried about weight loss, there are some people who do not like their lean skin.

He / She wants his / her weight to increase somehow.

He adopts many ways to gain weight but his weight does not increase.

In such a situation, how to gain weight and what are their home remedies will be seen today.

I know many people who start eating junk food because of their thinness.

There are many people who start eating sweets or some think that if we do not work out at all, we will gain weight but it is not like that.

Eating Junk food, sweets helps in gaining weight, but in what proportion, it is also important to see.

The stomach came out or strangely bloated and the swollen body did not like it too.

So we will see how to increase the weight with home remedies so that you are good to see and you will gain weight.

It is always good to gain weight in a healthy way, then we will tell you the home remedies which will help you in increasing your weight easily.

Because too much lean body is not good. No dress comes properly or does not look good when wearing a dress.

If there is a lot of fat in the body, then it feels good for it, you should try consuming things.

In Ayurveda, there are many things that you can use to increase your weight.

1. Cumin / Jeera Seed


Cumin is a very common spice that you will find in every kitchen in our house.

In addition, cumin seeds are used in tempering and seasoning in lentil vegetables.

Cumin is also used in therapeutic form Cumin enhances the immunity system and strengthens the immunity system.

2. Shatavari / Asparagus

Asparagus / Shatavari is used to benefit many female diseases.

It also increases the capacity to increase appetite, it also removes the problem of hunger sickness.

And increases appetite and also reduces weakness.

Muscles also strengthen and are also used to reduce stress and depression.

It is a natural remedy and also reduces hunger sickness to a great extent.

3. Saunf/ Fennel Seed

Fennel has appetite enhancing properties. Fennel anorexia means that it also removes the problem and disease of hunger and also increases appetite.

You can also add it to food or you can eat it after eating.

Chew funnel in the mouth and eat it, you will feel hungry and your digestive power will also be fine.

4. White Muesli

White musli increases the strength of our body and also helps in reducing weakness.

It also helps in strengthening the muscles and can reduce stress and depression.

And this is a natural remedy, we do not feel hungry even by stress, you reduce stress and eat a lot of food, this will definitely increase your weight.

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