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What’s Trend

If you want to walk according to the age, then you must know about new beauty trends.
From makeup to how your hairstyle should be. If you know this you will be trendy.

Every year, many new trance of beauty comes, so every woman and girl must know about the trends.

If you follow these beauties, then you will not look less than a heroine, at the moment some makeup and hairstyles are trending well.

I’ll tell you each and every current trends…

Big Eyelashes

Big Eyelashes

If you want to make eyebrows shape, then keep in mind that big and thick eyebrows are in trend this year, if you are doing makeup and your eyelashes are not too big then you should definitely apply eyelash extensions.

It gives you attractive makeup look. Year is very trend of big eyelashes.

French Red Lips

Red color lipstick should be applied to every age girl.

Red color lipstick has many shades, just you should know about perfect red lipstick according to your skin tone.

Red lips are the most popular beauty trend of this year.

Hair Band

hair bands.jpg

The fashion of net gear has also been overshadowed these days, many types of designed headbands are in trend.

If you are going to a party and are looking for a new hairstyle, then you must know about headbands from traditional design models and fancy headbands of all kinds dominate the market.

Cat Eye

Talking about eye makeup, graphic cat eye is also trending this year, after eye makeup, you do not need to apply eyeliner or mascara to your eyes, it will remove the lack of it.

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